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The Unique Advantage Of Working With An Attorney-Doctor

When you have been wronged by a medical professional, pursuing accountability can be a complex undertaking.  There are numerous complexities to untangle in both the legal and medical fields.  Most attorneys who handle these cases have professional experience only on the legal side of things.  At The Law Offices Of Owen Pickus, D.O., ESQ Attorneys At Law, you will work with an attorney who is also a doctor, offering in-depth insight and experience in both fields.

Dr. Owen Pickus is board-certified in oncology, hematology and internal medicine, with more than three decades of medical experience.  That puts him at a unique advantage in pursuing justice for victims of medical negligence.  It also helps him fight for the full compensation that injury victims deserve.

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Standing Up For What’s Right

Dr. Pickus built his practice around standing up for people who have had the misfortune of not receiving the quality of care they deserve.  Medical professionals and health care institutions are held to high standards – and for good reason.  When they don’t do their jobs as they should, innocent patients can end up paying the price – and that price is often significant.

Together with his team, Dr. Pickus is committed to working tirelessly on behalf of justice for patients and their loved ones who have been wronged.  We can help you recover the compensation you deserve to get your life back on track.  Though no amount of money can make up for what you endured, by pursuing a legal claim, you can get accountability, ease your financial burdens and help prevent others from suffering the same harm.

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