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After a botched operation that pretty much ruined my life, I retained the offices of Owen Pickus, DO, Esq. & Associates.  We did not quite know what to expect. However, Vickie and others on his staff helped my wife and I to fully understand what and why things were needed.  Everyone in the office was very helpful and understanding. Owen has a duel professional personality, both as a medical doctor and as a lawyer.  He brings a level of expertise that is difficult to match. As he and Vickie prepared our case, the level of detail was astounding.  Attorney Pickus’ training allowed him to counter medical arguments from the other side almost before they were made. He was extremely through and was prepared for almost any arguments.  His attention to detail was very impressive.

I cannot stress how much my and my wife’s lives’ have changed due to what happened to me.  My wife has been forced to become my full time caregiver. Both my wife and I are very pleased how our case finished up.   I believe there is no one better in getting the medical establishment to own their mistakes, and getting a just settlement.

Merton Rivers – 2019

I saw four law firms and four law firms turned me down until I met Dr. Pickus.  Since Dr. Pickus is a medical doctor and a lawyer he understood the complexities of my case.  He could really understand why the fact that I’m paralyzed is a reality and it shouldn’t be that way.  Dr. Pickus expedited my case knowing the professionals he could call upon to verify what happened to me. Working with Owen has definitely enhanced the quality of my life.  I’m grateful Owen came into our life.

Heidi Conn – 2017

My family and I had excellent representation from Pickus Law. Owen, Vickie, Amber and Elliot helped not only me, but also my husband, my daughters, my family and friends through what was a very stressful time in our lives. They helped guide us through all the difficult decisions and supported us every step of the way.

Owen represents all that is good about lawyers and doctors! His caring and empathetic demeanor sets him apart from others. Owen was always honest and straight-forward, and knew exactly how to direct the case. In court, his presence and speaking ability are second to none. Owen always put our concerns and our needs first, and helped us find closure, justice and peace of mind.

Vickie was extremely thorough and did a remarkable job in organizing my case, from reviewing depositions and medical records, to keeping me up to date on the proceedings. She was there for me from my very first phone call. I know she worked many, many hours to make sure everything ran smoothly. I also want to thank Elliot and Amber for their contributions to winning my case, and express my appreciation to Dawn for keeping us connected.

Owen and his team deserve a standing ovation!

Ruth Hricko – 2015